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Magic Monk Rasputin: A Slot with Unusual Theme and Gameplay

Many slot machines always use the same themes. We have all seen slots that use fruit or care about Greek mythology. Of course, these are exciting topics that come with different features and therefore always appear a little different, but in the long run, it can get very boring - the better and more refreshing it is when a new slot comes along that mixes up the whole thing and offers something new, something that has never been seen before.

Magic monk Rasputin online kostenlos from Merkur is one such slot machine. It offers a very interesting topic that has not been used very often, as well as an interesting game principle that hardly any slot machine uses. In short, this slot is very exciting and offers a great gaming experience to both newbies and veterans. But how to play this slot and what are its characteristics? We'll clarify all of that and more here.

What does Magic Monk Rasputin Offer and How is the Slot Structured?

Everything is turned upside down in this slot machine game. The game is about Rasputin, the Magic Monk Rasputin, and his journey up the ladder of prizes. The theme of the slot is new and refreshing; in the background you can watch a sunset that slowly but surely covers the entire playing field. The actual playing field should look familiar to players - with 3 reels and 5 lines. The structure is very popular and should hardly cause problems for users. The rules of the game go beyond that and offer a unique gaming experience that is so rarely seen in slots. Strategy and luck are required here to succeed!

The game offers soothing, almost spiritual music in the background, but the thrill you find in the slot offers a very good contrast to this music - because the game itself is very exciting. Rasputin is a monk who desperately wants to climb the steps of the towers. There are profits lurking at the top, but also dangers and it is up to the player whether to climb these towers or not.

Mercury has intrusively tried to capture an interesting atmosphere and create a contrast between the monk and the actual spiritual journey. You can tell that in this game on every corner. The symbols in the Magic Monk Rasputin online slot are primarily jewels - there are crowns, wild symbols, scatter symbols, rings and of course, Rasputin himself, who appears on the field every now and then. Thanks to the 5 paylines on a relatively small 3 × 3 field, winnings are paid out very often. And with each win you climb the levels a little. But how do you play the game and what does that mean in the actual game environment?

What does Magic Monk Rasputin Offer and How is the Slot Structured?

How to Play Magic Monk Rasputin?

As with many other games, it is a very good idea if you choose Magic Monk Rasputin online spielen for free. Thus, you get a small overview of the game and the various features before you play with real money if you want. Playing Magic Monk Rasputin for free gives you the opportunity to do and see a lot of interesting things. It gives you the opportunity to try out the various features, assess your own luck and see how much you like the slot machine at all - because it is also very important.

Magic Monk Rasputin initially plays like a classic slot machine. You can see the small 3 × 3 field and try to line up the different symbols in the lines. The special thing about this game, however, is that each time you win, you climb one of 3 towers that end up with high winnings. Which tower you climb depends on the winning combination you get on the field.

  • If you manage to make a profit with the rings, then you climb the first tower - or 1-6 steps, depending on the color of the ring.
  • If you manage to bring one of the jewel eggs onto the field and win with it, you climb the middle tower. Here, too, you climb 1-6 steps upwards, depending on the color of the eggs that you line up online at Magic Monk Rasputin.
  • You can only climb the third tower if you bring the crowns onto the field and line them up. Here, too, there are 1-6 steps up, depending on the color of the crown.

The towers also all have different heights. The left, simple ladder has the lowest value, but also the lowest height, while the crown ladder is very high, but also brings insane profits with it. So, of course, a little luck is required, but the adrenaline is boiling in this spiritual game.

Of course, there is a little catch with Magic Monk Rasputin online kostenlos that makes reaching the winnings a little more difficult. If Rasputin scurries through the picture, he may soon reset all profits. You can accept intermediate amounts. So if you see Rasputin walking through the picture, then you should consider accepting the next win before he brings the player back to the bottom of the towers.

What about a Strategy?

So, a little strategy is also required here. Merkur has created a real thrill with this slot machine, which keeps saying - “Do I accept the win or do I continue to play even if there is a risk that Rasputin will destroy my progress?” These constant considerations make Magic Monk Rasputin so unique.

Magic Monk Rasputin is a very interesting and daring experiment. In addition to the normal profits that you get by lining up the symbols, you climb the towers and thus have access to higher and higher profits, which may be reset by Rasputin. So this slot machine is an interesting mix of strategy and luck. Since many slot machines on the Internet often only depend on luck, such a slot machine is a real treat for the heart of the player and is definitely something different - both newbies and veterans should have fun with this fun.

You are sure to love Magic Monk Rasputin spielen - this unique mix of strategy and luck is something rarely found in the world of slot machines. We definitely hope that you will like Magic Monk Rasputin and win big - or just have fun, because that's still the most important thing after all. However, when you play Magic Monk Rasputin for free you can play as long as you want, and this is a huge advantage.

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