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How to Beat a Bookmaker?

To beat the bookies is very easy at first glance. It is necessary to make the first bet, correctly predict the outcome of the event, see the addition of funds in your account, and immediately it seems that the successful career of a bettor has just begun. In fact, things are more pessimistic. Beginners start to make more and more bets, follow the advice of unreliable sources, act on intuition, hurry, wanting to recoup faster and make many other gross mistakes that will soon lead to complete defeat and disappointment in the bookmaker world. Someone stops it, and some try to continue, without any work on themselves, wanting to quickly find information on the Internet that tells them how to beat the bookie constantly.

It is on these players that the bookmaker business flourishes. There will always be enough of those who are willing to put on the sport and does not have certain qualities in order to have at least minimal chances to stay in the plus for a long distance. Sports betting can be very profitable for players, but if it were easy for a football tipster bet the bookies, their existence would not make sense.

Less than 10 percent of the players really make bets on sports, and the rest either go into a minus or at best remain with their money.

How to Beat a Bookmaker How to Beat a Bookmaker

Playing Without A Strategy

Do you want to have more chances to beatthebookies and get into these cherished 10%? Then remember and follow the rules described below. We will not give you one hundred percent ready-made solution, how to beat the bookies, but we will tell you about the basic principles that will significantly bring you closer to success or at least distance you from failure. And keep in mind that betting without a strategy is the closest way to failure.

Betting Strategy Tips You Need To Bear In Mind

The only one win-win strategy does not exist. But there are a few simple beat the bookies tips that increase the chances of winning:

  • the development of a behavioral factor autonomously from the result;
  • correct determination of the limit of staked bets, strict adherence to it;
  • absolute lack of faith in various signs;
  • a successful bet is placed on the game event, and not on the selected object;
  • the indispensable use of the strategy of the proposed game;
  • search for the most successful bookmaker;
  • use of accurate beat the bookies football predictions.

It is important not to rush from side to side, frantically changing the method of the game, panicking, or, conversely, rejoicing. Success is always on the side of rationality and intelligence!

Accumulators: The Ideal Tricks To Beat The Bookies?

Each player, especially if he is a beginner, wants to bet less and win more. In sports betting, you can increase the ratio using the accumulators. To 4 events with coefficients 2 and win a bet for a total coefficient of 16, placing one amount, is more tempting than putting 4 equal amounts for each of the events separately. But this is a non-professional approach. The more events in the accumulator are, the lower the probability of betting to become a winning one is. Professional bettors rarely use them in their strategies, but even if there are accumulators in their arsenal, they will have 2 or a maximum of 3 events. For beginners in sports betting, usually the understanding that the reliability of single staff is more logical than the profitability of accumulator comes on their own experience.

How To Always Win Football Bets: Go With Your Head

Yes, football betting is a job. Interesting, but rather complicated. So how to win football bets?

The choice of BC for betting on football. You should carefully approach this choice, because the security of your gaming bank depends on it. Bookmakers are legal and illegal. It is possible to work with an illegal bookmaker, but you must understand the possible risks (blocking the BC site, freezing the account, etc.).

Choosing a league for betting. The betting line on football at the bookmaker is very rich. Dozens and even hundreds of matches are played every day. Do not try to put on everything. Choose 2-3 leagues that you understand, and analyze their matches. This will be enough to gain experience and start earning.

Contract matches and paid forecasts. On the Internet, there are many sites, groups in social networks, Telegram channels, ready to sell you predictions for matches. Many offers look very tempting. However, among such proposals there are a lot of dishonest, and sometimes fraudulent. Instead of subscribing to paid predictions, it is better to spend time and money on learning football betting to understand how to always win football bets.

How To Beat The Bookies More Often Than Not

Clever betting with a variety of methods can help. At the same time, gambling strategies for betting are not clearly defined truth, but, above all, strong recommendations that must be taken in order to receive a substantial amount of money or at least not to lose the latter. Proper assessment of your capabilities gives a chance to reduce the risk of loss dramatically. If a player loses money, then, of course, his desire to return them victoriously is understandable. Just this way leads to the loss of rates, and even complete ruin. Having received bad, losing outcomes of a betting game, do not try to bet again - you need to take a restful break for a short period and endure at least a couple of hours without playing. The time interval will give the opportunity to recover and remove unnecessary emotions. Rest assured, the break will increase the chances of luck several times. Options for how to beat the bookies, still exist!

5 Ways to Beat the Bookies

We have identified for ourselves 5 nuances on how to always win football bets, tested on our own experience, and offer you 5 tips on how to always win football bets or at least not lose a lot.

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1. Put on the sport which you understand

Place your bets only on what you are chasing. Are you well versed in football? So, it is not necessary to bet on darts and field hockey if there is nothing worthy of your attention among the football events. It is better to wait and save your money.

2. Bet in advance

It is better to bet in advance. Firstly, in most cases you will get a higher coefficient, and secondly - you will avoid haste.

3. Forget about "probability theory" and other signs

How many times did you have to meet such words from “colleagues on bookmaker misfortune”: “In this round of the Premier League, seven games have already been played for the total less, which means that now there will definitely be “the point”! Nothing like this! There is no need to bet, trusting only such arguments. Of course, somewhere such exceptions work, but it’s still worth remembering: every single game is a completely different story, and how can the scenario of a conventional Arsenal game depend on how many goals scored in the conventional Chelsea match?

4. Experiment with statistics

Earlier the bookmaker could offer only a dozen positions, and now the offices offer an incredible selection of bets - from the number of corner to time intervals on the scored balls. And some statistics deserve to be “used” more often. Pay attention to which teams play rougher than others do and got the cards, the same thing with the corner ones - some teams serve them much more than the average, and this can be used. Of course, bookmakers are not fools either, and adjust their odds in special cases, but it is better to play a smaller coeff on an event that is proved by statistics than to put at random.

5. Understand the rules of the BC

It is very important to know the rules of the bookmaker if you want to beat the bookies. For example, in some BC, bets on total matches of the NBA are counted only on the main time, in others - with overtime, in some they give a return when you bet on a goal of a player, but he did not enter the field, and in others - they lose at that rate. These are important nuances. Try to clarify them before you made a bet, so you don’t prove to the support team that you’re right. You can beat the bookmaker only by the rules.

Even the most reliable and lucky experts can be wrong. Therefore, you can listen to advisers on how to win football bets, but it is better to do this in total, choosing something in between and something else. Remember the main thing - you play for your money, and not for the money of those who advise you to bet. Therefore, the final decision is yours.

Well, now you can test all this knowledge in practice. Ready? Then it remains only to choose a suitable bookmaker for the game and start playing.

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