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Bitcoin Casinos and Bookmakers – What You Need to Know


You probably wondering what is the difference between a regular casino and BTC casinos. One major difference is the currency used in betting. BTC casino uses cryptocurrency or digital currency in betting while the ordinary casino uses USD, Euro and other physical currency in betting. Also, since Bitcoin is decentralized, the manner of holding and transferring value is much different as compared to regular gaming platforms that use credit cards.

Bitcoin Gambling - Steps on Depositing and Withdrawing Bitcoins

If you already have some Bitcoins on your wallet, you can use them to play your favorite online casinos. But for those who are just starting with it, here are steps to help you on bitcoin gambling.

Step #1 Look for an online casino that accepts Bitcoins

Some of the well-known casino sites that accept BTC are Cloud Bet Casino and mBit Casino.

Step #2 Get a Bitcoin Wallet

You can get a BTC wallet from most Bitcoin exchanges. The benefits of getting one using exchanges like CoinBase is that you can access it easily by just signing up on their website. Some of the popular exchanges are Bitwala.io and CoinBase.com

Step #3 Purchase Some Bitcoin

Using an exchange to buy some BTC is the safest and secured way of getting bitcoins. A small fee may be taken by exchanges for their service. You need to sign up first. Then send some money via your bank and you will receive the Bitcoins in your wallet. You don’t have to purchase the entire Bitcoins - they are available in 1/1000th units (mBTC or microBitcoins).

Step#4 Deposit at the Casino

Proceed to the casino cashier then click on “Deposit” and choose Bitcoin from the different payment options you will see on the screen. Type the amount you want to deposit, if you have a bonus code and then click the button. A receiver ID will be generated which are shown in two formats. Copy the ID and go to your wallet.

After clicking the “send Bitcoin” add the ID into the blank field together with the amount to send. Keep in mind that you are in control here, you type the amount of Bitcoin to send, your wallet should display the amount in currency.

Do not forget to check the site’s “terms and conditions” as they differ from one Bitcoin casino to another. This is important to avoid any problems during depositing and withdrawing your winnings.

Bitcoin Casinos and Bookmakers Bitcoin Casinos and Bookmakers

Facts You Need to Know About Bitcoin Betting Sites

Because of the popularity of bitcoin, the number of sports betting sites accepting BTC also increases. Some BTC betting sites may look suspicious and is not safe to transact with. Make sure to be on the lookout and avoid sites that are not legitimate and not reputable.

Choose a reliable bitcoin betting site and how you will know this? Most of the reliable sites offer all the benefits of a conventional online bookmaker. The site should have clear and easy to follow instructions on how to get started, making deposits and cashing out your winnings.

BTC betting sites are like ordinary online bookmakers. They only differ on the currency they are accepting.

The Popularity of Bitcoin Bookies

Bitcoin bookmakers are becoming more popular because they offer several benefits. One is that it is easy to transfer money across international borders if you use Bitcoin payments. You don’t have to wait for 3 days to get sports betting bonus. Because of this, gamers can easily withdraw their winnings if they need to.

Also, some digital payment systems include a processing fee. With Bitcoin, the transaction fees are much lower, which means you can keep more betting profits. Transacting with Bitcoin poses less risk of fraud. Another important benefit is that your identity will remain anonymous since you are not required to provide your personal info when transacting.

Steps in Using a Bitcoin Bookmaker

Below are steps on how to use bitcoin betting sites:

Step #1 Install a BTC e-wallet on your gadget

Download a bitcoin e-wallet to make sure your cryptocurrencies are secured and safe. Thru this you can buy bitcoins from traditional retailers or online exchanges.

Step #2 Search for a BTC Bookmaker or BTC Betting Exchange

Look for a Bitcoin bookie with decent odds. It could be a traditional sports bookmakers that offer standard bets, or a BTC betting exchange that lets you trade bets and lay bets for a different manner of betting on your favorite sports.

Step #3 Register and Deposit Your Bitcoins

All bitcoin bookies will ask you to sign up to bet then make a deposit. Some may offer a welcome bonus. However, some will not allow you to claim it if you deposit using an e-wallet.

Step #4 Place Your Bets

You can try your betting strategies after depositing your Bitcoin.

What to Look For in Finding a Trusted Bitcoin Bookie?

Sad to say, most of the traditional bookies are not accepting bitcoin payments yet. But there is an increasing number of online bookmakers that focus on bitcoin payments. It is not a good idea to deposit your money on the first company that will show up on your search engine. It is best to consult a betting resource first before making a deposit.

The betting resources will help you find legitimate cryptocurrency bookies. Thru them you will be able to find the best betting service so you can maximize your profits in case you land on the winning bet. Look for bookies that offer that most generous welcome bonus.

Why Bonuses Are Being Offered in a Bitcoin Casino?

Bonuses are offered in order for a bitcoin casino website to have an edge over its competitors. It is given to new players to attract more people to join. These bonuses are available in different forms like free spins, money matching a player stakes and others. Simply type Bitcoin casino bonuses on your browser and you will be surprised at the number of casino sites offering these bonuses.

What to Expect with Our Bitcoin Casino Reviews

Finding the best Bitcoin gambling sites with new online casino is not easy at all. We are here to help you find the best poker sites, sports betting sites and other casino games. We made this BTC casino review to make sure no gamblers will be left out. Our review focuses on the facts and information a gambler should know. Our primary objective is to help you decide and find the best online betting sides. Our review is based on our actual experience in playing the casino, so you can be sure that you are reading accurate reviews.